Congratulations, beast of a fish GERMANY 91 lb 6 oz, world record common carp, … A friend at work showed me a pic of this today in a veitnamese newspaper so i had to google it when i got home from work. March 25, 2018 Record Yellow Perch from Lake SImcoe! It wasn’t our usual place. Caught in germany 14 dec. 2006 38 kg now thats a water pig wonder what the girth on that thing is?!?! The same carp was found dead just three months later in July 2013. By. Euro Aqua has done it again, this time producing the first 50kg carp ever recorded. World Record Carp in the LA River. I asked why there and he said, “Trust me. mirror fell to Michel Schoenmakers at the Hungarian super venue. May 10, 2018 Another Silver Redhorse record! March 28, 2018 Record Greater Redhorse! The monstrous 51.2kg (that’s 112lb 14oz!) April 27, 2018 New Silver Redhorse record! FORMER WORLD RECORD CARP The former world record carp is 99lb, caught in France in 2010 (Les Graviers) Below you can find some other current country carp records The world record common carp is a 100lb 8oz fish from Etang la Saussaie, captured in 2013 by Colin Smith. Lino texted me and told me to meet him at 0600 at a spot on the Los Angeles River. Thought id put it on here just for anyone who might not know, the new world record common carp Mary at 86lb 6oz, caught from a german syndicate by a chap called Nermin Caro. It beat the old record by 10lbs … You’ll have a shot at breaking those records.” Say no more, I’m IN. Presented by Abel Reels . Pinterest. World record carp ‘fed up’ The World carp record fell at Euro-Aqua to Tomas Krist from the Czech Republic with a 105 lb 13 oz monster. Facebook. And the biggest carp by an English angler also fell at Euro-Aqua to Portsmouth’s Stephen Weir at 104 lb 2 oz. The fish was caught today [November 23, 2018] and beats the previous world record of 108lb , which also ca March 26, 2018 New Provincial record Black Crappie! WhatsApp. AMAZED angler John Harvey has posed with his world-record catch — a Siamese carp weighing 232lbs, or 16.5 stone. March 02, 2018 26 lbs Coho Salmon from Lake Ontario! Twitter. Record Carp caught during fly fishing! March 15, 2018 Giant Walleye from Northern Ontario! Kesley Gallagher - May 8, 2020. ?
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