Secondly, and possibly more important, it is widely thought that this honking is a way of encouraging one another, in order to keep up flock moral. Sometimes, though, joining a gang brood isn’t voluntary, and dominant pairs of geese have been known to attack and kill other adults and absorb their broods into their own. Welcome Pkx166h! Your email address will not be published. Why Do Geese Honk? The big, black-necked Canada Goose with its signature white chinstrap mark is a familiar and widespread bird of fields and parks. Wing. Typically, a few geese will stay with the goose that falls behind, in order to encourage and help protect the goose, until he/she is ready to return to the flock. One theory is the geese honk to encourage each other… while another theory hypothesizes the honking is used to communicate where each goose is. The most important point I learned from this information has to do with how geese constantly honk at each other, while they are flying. The last month, especially has been pretty active for geese, as they migrate to warmer temperatures. The goose in the front creates a slipstream for which the geese following can pass through, creating less drag on the overall group. And I don’t think this new way would necessarily be negative for me. ... usually to make themselves look big and agressive while swimming, but while they were fanned out it was obviously to 'dry' the feathers. Always very helpful and pleasant. 15. A third, very interesting observation, is that any geese that drop from the flock, whether due to injury, sickness, or lack of energy, will never be left behind. Scientists think this honking has two effects on the entire flock. There are two reasons for this. At least it's slightly ahead of the black-capped chickadee (2530 votes). “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.”. They also frequently make loud honking sounds as they fly together. There are several theories of why this is. We try our best to keep the information current, but things are always changing so it may be different now than when it was first published. If such a beneficial support system can be created by geese, it’s strange that humans find it difficult to replicate the same thing. To mitigate this problem, the lead goose position is rotated among all members of the flock, so that each goose takes the lead position, but then gets to rest before taking the lead again. The most important point I learned from this information has to do with how geese constantly honk at each other, while they are flying. Part of the reason the geese are so common and so successful is that people have created a lot of spaces that fill those needs in the form of lawns, parks, golf courses, agricultural fields, and airports. If you live in North America, you're probably familiar with—and perhaps annoyed by—the Canada goose (Branta canadensis). The increase in goose numbers and their concentration around humans has led to the goose getting branded as a nuisance or pest for eating grass and crops, fouling lawns and water with their waste, making a racket, and sometimes attacking people while defending their territory. Canada geese usually fly in a large V-shaped formation, with one bird in the lead and the others trailing behind it in two diverging lines. ... Why do Geese honk? The following guest post was promoted from the Forums. Canada geese migrate south from their northern summer habitats for several reasons. Geese will honk to encourage those up front to keep up their speed. Similarly, when working on teams, it is exceedingly important for each team member to communicate regularly with all the other team members. Second, the formation makes it easier for the geese to maintain visual contact with each other and communicate, which helps navigation and flock cohesion. Scientists speculate that this honking is their way of communicating with each other during their long flight. Required fields are marked *. The society will then lobby the government to give the winning bird official designation. By honking, geese are able to communicate their mutual success, and really put forth a full effort for the entire flock. Doug Stewart; Dec 01, 1992; Norman Heifetz, facilities manager of the Bytex Corporation, remembers with a mixture of fondness and frustration the industrial park in Southboro, Massachusetts, where his electronics firm set up shop in the mid-1980s. A Canada Goose gander can reach 14 pounds and … Sometimes you can even hear it as they fly over, it can get so loud. They also frequently make loud honking sounds as they fly together.
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