The God Particle: If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question? I agree with Gilbert- who the hell ok’s these projects to be funded with our tax money??? One of the first visible signs I thought of the scientific disengagement that the US has been going through for the last 20 years or so. – which sought to promote awareness of the significance of the work which necessitated such a project – in the context of the project's last years and loss of congressional support. Each one of these artifacts produce a “field effect”, like a demolition derby of ricocheting or spinning “pieces” that tells us a bit about the world. Well under the guise of “keeping jobs local” the Commissioner’s court secretly passed resolutions to lift deed restrictions on the property, no company requiring a TCEQ permit was allowed to operate there and then started raising the weight limits on the roads to accommodate the chemical trucks. Scientific critics of the SSC pointed out that basic research in other areas, such as condensed matter physics and materials science, was underfunded compared to high energy physics, despite the fact that those fields were more likely to produce applications with technological and economic benefits. Do not built a super collider what if it goes wrong and cound not be stop. It was supposed to be built at Fermilab near Batavia, IL. [28] However, the planned luminosity was only one tenth of the design luminosity of the LHC. When the project was cancelled, 14 miles of tunnels and 17 shafts had already been dug, as well as all surface structures completed. John, thanks for stopping by and volunteering your contact information. Then pyramids (for stargazing on the spinning Earth). How did we come to this?? The Large Hadron Collider became operational in August 2008. Estimates of the additional cost caused by not using existing physical and human infrastructure at Fermilab in Illinois range from $495 million to $3.28 billion. she would have excavated millions of tons of earth for free!, Why do I have to live all the way over in the UK…, didn’t stargate command take it over in their battle against the replicators. CERN’s construction of the Large Hadron Collider on a property that already had tunnels was a big factor; excavating millions of tons of earth proved to be the most expensive part of the construction process. The LHC's advantage in terms of cost was the use of the pre-existing engineering infrastructure and 27 km long cavern of the Large Electron–Positron Collider, and its use of a different, innovative magnet design to bend the higher energy particles into the available tunnel. They weren’t allowed to say much about the project back then. which will come in handy for the pole shift… China is building a new one, CERN is expanding to 100km. Good stuff! I remember that day like it was yesterday. I live about 4 miles from this site, and about 10 miles from the now vacant Magnablend facility. To add to that, Mr. Al Gore came to our site and held a huge meeting, in it he told us that Pres Clinton and himself were 100% behind the project and the he was proud that we were under budget and ahead of schedule. The limiting factor for the experiments is the useable [integrated] luminosity. All of the collider equipment has been removed except for some underground generators in the tunnels. Parts of the plot are based on the aborted Superconducting Super Collider project. It’s simply an observation of this country’s whacked out political reality. RHIC is a heavy ion collider. Liz, contact me, I have it ALL. performances which involve the performer modifying and executing code on the fly.
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