J'ai conservé comme solution, la washburn rover à cordes nylon, dont le son me paraît assez sympathique (un peu comme une mandoline). Plus it was really uncomfortable (even with the strap!). I am very interested in a travel guitar and these two look the most promising. anyone care to share their experience with these two guitars? I LOVE Martin guitars, but the shape of that one does not allow you to plant your pinkie on the body when finger picking. I opted for the Rover because it's shaped more like a guitar, more color options, and it got better reviews on Amazon and Musicians Friend. Washburn R10 vs Martin Backpacker. [Question] Martin backpacker and Washburn rover? My Washburn Rover is in the mail! Granted, the action needs some babying, but having a full size neck makes all the difference. The sound level is neither too high nor too low. The R10 didn't have a strap on it though which made playing it nearly impossible for me. The R10 is actually shaped like a guitar (sort of) and has a better sized neck. I’ve been traveling with one of these for almost a year. save hide report. Par contre le manche serait celui d'une classique d'après ce que j'ai compris, ce qui me rebute un peu (quoique j'ai joué 2 ans sur une classique lol) y a t'il d'autres avis ? _____ Barry Avalon L2-320C, Gibson J-45, Guild D-55, Guild D … share. I think this is the superior choice over the Martin Backpacker. I've already got a decent acoustic so I'd only use it for travelling. I played both today at Victor's in Paramus, NJ. i want to get a travel guitar, and i want your input, i am considering either the martin backpacker or the washburn rover, what do you think of these 2? and im not worried about the instrument being uncomfortable, i just want sound and transportation to be good, with that in mind which would be better for me? Does anyone own one and are they actually any good for their size. The Washburn RO10 travel guitar produces quality sound at moderate levels. merci ! I’ve tried the Rover and the Backpacker in the same music store, and the I and the clerk thought the Rover had the richer sound. 10 comments. i want the most transportable one, but also still want a good sound. If anyone looking for a loud guitar, this may be a wrong choice. The case is also great. The R10 sounded much better than the Backpacker. Which is why (1) you should focus your search on travel guitars that are available in a hard shell or equivalent (the Washburn Rover qualifies) and (2) you should think about traveling with a guitar that you won't lose sleep over if it happens to get damaged. I tried the Martin Backpacker and it just looked and felt cheaply made. Both were the same price. This guitar gives you plenty of room for that. I just bought one for $75. I’m surprised the Washburn Rover didn’t make the list. 100% Upvoted. Compatibility of Washburn Rover travel guitar. The acoustic guitar may not work well for large stage performances. Again, at about $75 to $125 for a good used one, the Rover qualifies..
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