Previous Post Copperphone Reviewed By Mix Magazine! Vintage King Stereo Bus Compressor Shootout With Warm Audio BUS-COMP “Capable of a wide range of tones, BUS-COMP is a studio workhorse. It’s not the Sweetwater shootout, but it’s the exact same idea but with something close to 10 times as many mics. April 19th, 2017 Warren Huart tries out the Placid Audio Copperphone at Vintage King with Alex Oana. I feel like it was by a bigger brand like vintage king or sound on sound, but I’ve looked for hours and can’t find it anywhere. Post navigation. With more than 20 microphones at PUTS disposal, the crew worked their way through the Vintage King Los Angeles mic room, trading off on verses and pieces of gear. The thing about Oktava mics was how primitive they felt. In a unique twist on the classic mic shootout, VK rolled tape on each take and preserved all of the recordings for a behind the scenes view of the selection process. Apply everything from subtle bus compression to full-on limiting with ratio controls ranging from 1.1:1 to 10:1. Out of the box, all of these mics look gorgeous, announcing themselves with a heft that is both impressive and disarming. After a visit with local heroes at Vintage King, Marc came by and dropped off the Bomblet, an 017 Tube mic, and a pair of FET 013s [Tape Op #139]. Vintage King was kind enough to let us use their showroom to test out a wide variety of large diaphragm condenser microphones: We test over 20 microphones, ranging from $500- $10000, discuss their frequency response and unique characteristics. Vintage King and Woodshed Recording Host Top Mic Shootout The Wire January 13, 2020, Fort Wayne, IN – Sweetwater Studios, the recording studio arm of music retailer Sweetwater Sound, has just released exclusive in-the-studio footage of thrash metal architects, Anthrax. Mic Shootout at Vintage King with Warren Huart – Placid Audio Copperphone. With this video, I want to help you to make an educated decision and choose perfect mic for you!
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