Gorgeous Pics Lynn and Bob!!...Jeanne. I went a bit 'Clematis Crazy' this year. While every effort has been made to describe these plants accurately, please keep in mind Only plants will be removed from the collection. Can someone tell me if this is normal for this plant? Questions? Note this is the default cart. Clematis ‘Ville De Lyon’ Related products. You must show us pictures when they finally bloom. wide (12 cm), open nicely, despite their many petals (over 50 petals), even in damp weather, and exude a very strong apple fragrance. Becoming a contributing member of Gardenia is easy and can be done in just a few minutes. If you provide us with your name, email address and the payment of a modest $25 annual membership fee, you will become a full member, enabling you to design and save up to 25 of your garden design ideas. You can fertilise in spring and during the flowering period with some organic fertiliser. that Pink Flamingo Clematis $ 19.00 Add to cart. Deleting this collection CANNOT be undone. Accept In about 2 weeks they will be in bloom again. Are there others that have this trait? Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Clematis 'Ville de Lyon' at Amazon.com. But they have all seemed to recover - I even had one clem not even show its face (twigg or anything) last year - thought it was dead as a door nail - untill this year it suddenly sprung up and looks healthier than ever - actually I dont even know what the name of it is now - as I thought it was dead and just plain forgot about it. Aren't both Ville de Lyon and Comtesse de Bouchard pruning type 3? The popular "Ville de Lyon" large-flowered cultivar produces red-purple flowers from July to October and can reach 6 to 10 feet. dimensions of your garden space.We'll give you a shopping list so you know how many They happily share the same arch or trellis, both reaching for the sun. They have the same natural needs, require the same growing conditions and benefit from the same fertilizers. 2 Feet apart is just purrrrfect!! What is clematis Ville de Lyon, the description of a liana, the peculiarities of its cultivation and responses of summer residents - all this will be considered in the article. Hi, I bought a clematis about 7 years ago from Park Seeds and I think it might be Ville De Lyon. 5 vendors have this plant for sale. In stock 9996 Items. Each tepal is highlighted with an opalescent sheen. Create a membership account to save your garden designs and to view them on any device. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. If anyone has any idea, I would be most grateful!! (10-15 cm), bright carmine red flowers, shading to crimson around the edges and contrasting with the creamy yellow stamens. €15.00. Golden, Lynn is correct..it's a pruning group 3..always consult COTW to be sure...Jeanne, Here is a link that might be useful: How To Prune Clematis. Is this going to be a real problem later on? This fine rose features abundant clusters of 3 in. If you are having difficulties finding 'Aloha' in your area, we suggest you replace it with the superb Rose 'The Generous gardener'. Golden, Thanks for the fertilizer info. Climbing roses and clematis are perfect companions. In Maine, I prefer the thick vined ones too, but it won't stop me if it is thin and I like it, just have to be more careful when training to a trellis etc. And I have read that if you put a pruneing group 2 with a 3 you just prune like 3 - you will still get blooms on the 2 variety - just a little later.{{gwi:570547}}. Post a picture and share your stories, Apply principles and elements of design to help your indoor garden flourish. They often are of similar sizes with the result that neither swamps the other. I think I have just about planted clems everywhere I can find a spot too - lol.Just make sure you plant the clems as per the instructions(as that is very important) and give them plenty of water and you will do fine ! Perfect for hiding the leggy stems of rose bushes, Heuchera... Lavender-blue daisies blend beautifully with many roses,... With its rich purple blooms, Clematis Etoile Violette' is a... Recreate this garden. Bill, that sounds lovely. To use the website as intended please  I prunned mine as a type 3 because that is what I thought it was, and now I see in Bluestone Perennials it is listed as type 2. Btw, what is the little white one you've got there? Join now and start creating your dream garden! A spectacular spot that would stir envy in the heart of most gardeners, in which to sit and enjoy the rich fragrances exuded by your own garden! Or other clematis have vines that a much smaller and almost angle hair size. The Clematis Ville De Lyon is a clematis which you can prune lightly in june directly after the first bloom. I've had a Jackmanii since about 1980. Vigorously growing up to 8 - 12 feet tall (240 - 360 cm), this old time favorite won many prestigious awards including the Award of Garden Merit of the Royal Horticultural Society and belongs to the Hall of Fame of the World Federation of Rose Societies. ColoradoBird! Consider the new breed of neighborhood with a communal bent, How lovely are your branches? The picture was made last year. (For groups 2 & 3, which is what I ordered.). But if you cant find that you can use Rose food. The white clem in the picture there is Marie Boisselot. They also complement one another. Be the first to write your review ! Funny thing is once you start buying clematis - you just seem to keep buying - at least I did and I find most people do - lol. Reliable and easy to grow, this deciduous rose enjoys excellent resistance to diseases. An excellent vine for long-lasting and spectacular blooms, Clematis 'Ville de Lyon' is a deciduous vine which gets covered with a profusion of large, 4-6 in. I don't have a picture from this year and after they finished blooming I cut them all the way back and they are starting to bud out now. I will follow your advice and cut them both back late winter and after bloom. Go see it: clownfish, lemurs, frogs, loyal dogs and more — designers have turned plants into art for a fantastic summer installation, Lancelot 'Capability Brown' was born 300 years ago, but his ideas about naturalistic landscape design may be more relevant than ever, Two insiders' picks for design-minded hotels, restaurants and much more in Canada's cultural capital, Contained one minute and open to the outdoors the next, this California kitchen is decidedly versatile, Top Design Firm | Luxury Clients Nationwide | 9X Best of Houzz. Here, the showy red Clematis 'Ville de Lyon' combines its blossoms with 2 fabulous Climbing Roses, 'Aloha' and ' New Dawn', painting a sensuous and fragrant backdrop for this secluded garden bench. Strong growing with good disease resistance, award-winning Rosa 'Aloha' produces abundant and gorgeous clusters of fragrant, deeply cup-shaped, fully double, coral pink flowers, slightly darker on their backs, with a coppery tinge at their heart.
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