printf("\n\t %d",queue[i]);     int t; They above information are very useful in my studies, Your email address will not be published. A good example of a queue is any queue of consumers for a resource where the consumer that came first is served first.     int i; As is clear from the name itself, simple queue lets us perform the operations simply. 1. {     } Signup for our newsletter and get notified when we publish new articles for free! Android Google Analytics Integration Tutorial.     } Hence, the last node and the first node also gets connected making a circular link overall. Circular Queue 3.     int t; we respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. 2. They are: Circular Queue: Circular Queue is a linear data structure         scanf("\n %d",&ch);     int i; Types of Queues in Data Structure Simple Queue. Simple Queue i.e., the insertion and deletions are performed likewise. Queue is an important structure for storing and retrieving data and hence is used extensively among all the data structures.         rear++;     rear=front+1;                 insert(); }             case 4: 2. dequeue()− remove (access) an item from the queue. Priority queue makes data retrieval possible only through a pre determined priority number assigned to the data items. Insertion occurs at the rear (end) of the queue and deletions are performed at the front (beginning) of the queue list. follows a FIFO mechanism for data retrieval which means the data which gets into the queue first will be the first one to be taken out from it, the second one would be the second to be retrieved and so on. The first node has no pointer pointing towards it whereas the last node has no pointer pointing out from it.     int ch=0; }. i.e., the insertion and deletions are performed likewise. Queue is an abstract data type which can be implemented as a linear or circular list.             case 3: There are five different types of queues which are used in different scenarios.             case 1: int rear=0,front=0;     if(rear         printf("\n\t Enter Element in a Queue : "); A queue is a useful data structure in programming. void insert(void) //Insert Function                 printf("\n\t Exit"); Queue operations may involve initializing or defining the queue, utilizing it, and then completely erasing it from the memory.                 break;                 break; It can also be empty, at which point removing an element will be impossible until a new element has been added again.     { Few more functions are required to make the above-mentioned queue operation efficient.     { There are four different types of queue in data structure.             case 5: It has a front and rear. Required fields are marked *.
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