Transformational leadership is an approach in which a leader inspires and motivates team members to create positive changes within an organization. Transformational leadership is a leadership theory where a leader works with followers to identify the changes needed, create a vision through inspiration, and execute the change with a group of highly committed followers. Transformational leadership theories beleive that people are motivated by the task that must be performed. He defined transformational leadership as a process where "leaders and their followers raise one another to higher levels of morality and motivation." Transformational leadership is the new leadership … This leadership style can increase group morale, lead to rapid innovation, improve conflict resolution, decrease turnover and foster a sense of ownership amongst a team. Leadership expert James McGregor Burns introduced the concept of transformational leadership in his 1978 book, "Leadership." The more structured an organization is, the greater the success. “Transformational leadership is a leadership style used by managers and other influential figures that emphasizes vision, empowerment and support to inspire followers toward action and change,” said Kara Fasone, talent development manager at Chicago-based Kin + Carta. People give their all to the organization which can be their primary need and they will place their individual interests second. Bass Transformational leadership theory is one of the most important theories of the Transformational leadership approach. Transformational Leadership: The transformational leadership approach was introduced by James V. Downton in 1973 first, then expended by Macgregor Burns in 1978 and further Bernard M. Bass did additions to this in 1985 .
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