save hide report. 5. Posted by 3 months ago. The Boomstick is a gun occasionally found in Jungle Crates (16.67% chance), and also in Ivy Chests (22.5% chance) located in Jungle Shrines and at the base of a Living Mahogany Tree in the Underground Jungle. 28.6%. It is an upgraded version of the Shotgun, auto-firing six spread shots per bullet consumed (against the Shotgun's average of four), for a possible combined base damage of 174 per bullet spent (not including bullet damage stats which are then added). Which Gun should I buy? They are both the same price from the gun seller~ Let me know your opinions! 71.4%. The Tactical Shotgun is a Hardmode, post-Plantera ranged weapon. What do you think is better? Quad Barrel Shotgun: Should we mourn it's loss? It fires a three- to four-shot spread (only three-shot ), but only consumes one bullet per shot. Voting closed 3 months ago. (And yes I'm aware I didn't factor ammo in I'm not going back through all this lol) Old QBS VS new QBS. In addition to ranged bonuses, bullet-firing guns also benefit from the Shroomite Mask and are compatible with the Rifle Scope. 85. I will buy one in my next YouTube video~ 119 votes. Quad-Barrel Shotgun. After testing both I came to the conclusion that it is good to have both because they excel at different things, but, If i had to choose, I would choose the quad barrel shotgun because of the ludicrous damage potential it has. 5 comments . Possession of any bullet-firing gun (or bullets) fulfills the criteria for the Arms Dealer NPC to appear. Guns are ranged weapons that fire bullets or comparable items1 as ammunition. share. It has a 8.33% / 15.97% (1/12 / 23/144) chance to drop from Tactical Skeletons … Der größte Verhaltensunterschied ist, dass die Tactical Shotgun eine automatische Waffe ist, dass bedeutet man kann die Schusstaste gedrückt halten und sie feuert immer wieder auf ein Neues. The Minishark or Quad-Barrel Shotgun? The Megashark being used against a Target Dummy. 34. Die Tactical Shotgun ist eine Fernkampfwaffe, die mit dem Patch 1.2 in das Spiel hinzugefügt wurde.. Wie der Boomstick und die Schrotflinte verschießt auch die Tactical Shotgun 6 Kugeln mit einem Schuss. We all knew how broken this weapon was, and I must say the nerfs were very harsh, but since I am currently using it in a pre skeletron master mode game I decided to see how it stacks up now. Several other items are referred … The Minishark or Quad-Barrel Shotgun? Close. Minishark.
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