Upon activation of the test, the chemical reacts with the sample collected on the swab to produce light. Color: White; Port Membrane Diameter (µm): 0.8; Surface Membrane: Plain; $210.00 USD / Pkg of 50. Testing has shown our detection pouch can provide results in significantly less time than conventional methods like serial dilution bottles. Add To Cart +LIST +ADD TO LIST. COMPARE . READY TO USE. With … Store at refrigerated temperature from 2-8 °C. These kits are highly convenient for the general hygienic maintenance of environmental work spaces susceptible to these strains of bacteria. The Bio-Scan test strip has an adhesive which, when touched to a surface, picks up even the smallest amounts of allergens, fibers, bacteria, dust mites, mold spores, pollen, etc and then by allowing the protective flap to cover the adhesive area, seals the strip. If it turns purple, it’s contaminated. Advantec. All-in-one sampling container, filter and culture media. The Swab enables sampling in areas difficult to reach. No equipment necessary, device presterilised and ready to use. Add To Cart +LIST +ADD TO LIST. Description. After 10 minutes check the colour change. Simply swab the surface, click down the handle fully into the tube and shake for 5 seconds. The Surface Swab Kit is ideal for determining the relative degree and type of biological contamination in an area. Learn more. Sterile Surface Swab Kit. The BioMass Kit, available for either Hygiena or 3M/Bio-Trace luminometers, enables sample cleanup in the case of high-quenching particulates or fibers in aqueous samples. Bacterial test kits for testing anywhere, anytime and (almost) anything ! nomad BACTERIAL TEST KITS. What’s more, it only takes seconds to do…. To start microbial testing all you need is a nomad Tester. If you know how to use a band-aid, you can use this test strip.Then you simply mail it to the lab for fast, emailed results in 3-5 days. BioMass Kit is a high-precision test for measuring total and free ATP in liquid samples, offering expanded flexibility over all-in-one AquaSnap test devices. Surface Swab Combo Pack. This technique eliminates the cumbersome and expensive hardware and materials associated with traditional testing techniques. Universal ATP Tests . Check for cross contamination on food and work surfaces with this easy swab test kit. The swab is pre-moistened to aid in sample collection and processing. Description: Rapid Surface Hygiene Kit, 50 tests/kit; $105.00 USD / Each. Advantec Three-piece monitor, plain surface, 0.80 um, 50/pack. EASY TO USE AND STORE. If it’s green, it’s clean! It’s so easy. The devices are Self-Contained and Ready-To-Go. Item #: EW-02935-06. All-in-one ! Our Samplers and Swab Test Kits simplify routine microbiological analysis of surfaces for bioburden levels of bacteria, yeast, or mold. Specialized combination testing kit pack that includes 10 Listeria, 10 Salmonella and 10 coliform broths, along with 30 surface swabs. This non-destructive method can be used safely on most surfaces and is ideal for irregular surfaces such as air return grills. Rapid Bacterial Test Kits 40522. Light and compact, the bacteria test kit is so small, 200 tests fit easily in a backpack for portability in the field or offshore. 3M™ Clean-Trace™ Surface ATP UXL100 is a single-use test device that contains a swab for the collection of a sample from a surface. Rayon tip is inert, non-toxic, and permits good sample retrieval and adsorption.
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