ThreeToedWolf. 1; 2; 1; 2; Acer Buergerianum Seeds (Trident Maple Seeds) Starting at: USD1.80 . 91 7. n2everythg. Silver Maple. And the birds get most of it, and then leave droppings on your car. Branches are refined. 98. 98. Edible plants; Gibberellic Acid (GA3), seed primer; Wholesale Seeds; New products; Back in stock ; Month Selection; Essential Oils; Show Sort By. Add to Cart. Registered User. This can make them a pest to agriculture fields and quite annoying to home gardeners. n2everythg. View Details. First, I only eat "silver" maple seeds. Among these include: the black maple, whose sap tastes almost identical to that of the sugar maple; and the silver maple, also providing an equally sweet-flavored sap. ThreeToedWolf. Secondly, my squirrels spent hours every day in the spring eating the silver maple seeds. Silver maples have thin, watery sap with relatively low sugar compared with some other maples. Post Mar 20, 2009 #3 2009-03-20T19:30. siberian elm makes good seeds to eat during spring. Mulberries also grow readily from seed, so you’ll undoubtedly have more weeding to do in the years to come. The fruit stains everything it comes in contact with. But, few are aware that many other species of the larger maple trees can also be tapped for an edible sap. I've eaten roasted silver maple seeds before, they tasted a lot like beans. N2. 91 7. I had several in the front of my home (which is no longer my home since I wrote this post) where I sat and watched them eat away. It is a tree that gains a mature appearance rather quickly. Post Mar 27, 2009 #4 2009-03-27T09:55. Registered User. I've eaten Mesquite seeds before. Yes, the fruit is edible, but it’s rather bland. On the positive side, this makes silver maples very easy to propagate by seed. Fast growth. I do not eat older ones as they not palatable. Another drawback to silver maples is that their prolific, winged seed pairs are highly viable and seedlings will quickly sprout up in any open soil without any special requirements, like stratification. I had no trouble finding fresh young seeds in the samaras that fell from the trees.
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