I know someone who spent their first year at Ross then transferred to a school here in the States as an out of state student. r/veterinaryschool: This is a subreddit for veterinary students and veterinarians who wish to advise them. I taught at a US school as a clinical veterinarian and I felt that Ross students were not as well prepared for clinics as the other students. Agreed. Our faculty pursue a broad variety of advances in veterinary medicine, public health, conservation, and government to shape the face of medical science worldwide. Not sure which school is best for you? Ross isn't a bad option, and once you graduate there it doesn't matter as much, but it's a lot tougher financially and you may to do some catch-up in clinics. This can mean crippling loan payments when you graduate, and for decades afterwards. George's students wanted to pursue internships after vet school because they felt like they weren't ready for practice and not to pursue residencies. English wasn't her native language and was afraid having that gap would make it harder getting into other schools. But a few years out that wont matter much relative to your work, and if you plan on practicing dog/cat it likely won't ever matter. The debt scares me a lot. Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine confers a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree which is accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association Council on Education (AVMA COE), 1931 N. Meacham Road, Suite 100, Schaumburg, IL 60173, 8002482862. Ross is AVMA accredited and as far as I can tell it seems like a great school as long as you are able to study hard and graduate (which I plan on doing). I didn't know it was accredited! Let's get a discussion going! Sounds like there isn't too much personal discrimination against someone based on where they went to school, which is good. Ross students also seemed to have a lot of hands-on experience prior to senior year. Search engine: XenForo Search ... St George's VFP vs. Ross vet… Although some might say it makes you a stronger person if you pull through... blah blah blah insert "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" and whatever quotes. Her tuition for the 1 year at Ross cost more than the 3 years as an out of state student here. I was the type of clinician that gave a lot of credit for hard work. I just wondered if it would impact how potential future employers/ colleagues would think of me but the vets I have talked to have had nothing negative to say about it. Few received A and B grades like most of the students. I paid subsidized Canadian tuition and even this debt causes a head ache. At the time she was a registered vet tech and had grown up living above a vet hospital as her dad was a vet. Ross University vet school has more than 60 full-time faculty with outstanding credentials as veterinarians, teachers, and researchers. Ross Vet school requirements include completion of veterinary school prerequisites, a minimum of 48 credits of college work, completion of the equivalent of 150 hours of veterinary professional experience or veterinary … Isn't it harder to find placements in the US once you go to Ross? Just like any vet school class, some were great, most were good, and a few were not so good. Why do you say that? Antigua and Barbuda have two Carib MD schools that have a combined match rate of 46%. I did some research, and on a lot of little islands homosexuality is … After 4 years, a DVM is a DVM. Ross students also seemed to have a lot of hands-on experience prior to senior year. I would definitely rather go to school in Canada or the US but I might have to consider leaving if I can't get admitted. Just want to see other opinions about Ross? some were great, most were good, and a few were not so good. What do you think when people tell you they go/went to Ross? Ross is a for-profit school owned by DeVry, Inc., and all of the students there couldn't get in anywhere else. Post thread Search. There were definitely students from our school that felt that way as well, but it seemed like a lower percentage. Ask your fellow students and SDN experts! They never have and never plan to. You will have a tougher time finding a job. That's true. Hi I am looking to apply to Vet Schools this summer and I have spoken to many veterinarians, none of which had anything bad to say about Ross. I wouldn't have gone to vet school if I had to pay international tuition. That's true. Besides debt, the other complaint I hear from the Rossies is how sketchy island life is. Eating disorder college essay. I will check it out. I wouldn't absolutely count on doing that, since not all schools take transfers, and the ones that do only take transfers when a seat opens up. Obviously many people do it every year, but I think having the summers off to go work in a clinical setting is nice. We had a fair number of Ross and St. George's student rotate through my vet school for their 4th year. I am looking at some international ones (Canada, Australia, London and New Zealand). My biggest concern with Ross, and many US schools, would be tuition. If you have the option to go to a school in the states, do it! But it's still an option to consider.
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