And you find yourself in a situation where you have to attempt to pronounce the word quinoa, and of course you pronounce it wrong and are met with a patronising giggle. This video shows you how to pronounce quinoa. You'll note they pronounce 'quinoa' with three syllables s something like: [ˈkinəˌwa:]. Example: “ Zweiback in the day, puns were cheap.” Bread-Related Phrases. quinoa definition: 1. the seeds of a South American plant that are cooked and eaten as food 2. the seeds of a South…. Common phrases, idioms and cliches which are related to bread can be used for some subtle and witty word play. The pronunciation follows … How do you pronounce quinoa properly? 'Quinoa from a native speaker' Although the speaker does not say what their language is, I think it's fair to assume their pronunciation reflects the local Quechua pronunciation. ‘Her secret to keeping her energy up is quinoa, a grain from the Andes mountains in Peru which was one of the staple foods of the Incas.’ ‘In the countryside, potatoes and grains, such as quinoa, form the staple diet.’ ‘We served it with quinoa, which I cooked with onions and … As the Quechua pronunciation this will be sounded out phonetically as kee-NOO-ah The Spanish variation of the word is very close to the original with less emphasis on the drawn out "oo". A man named Steve is stuck in a dead end job, 9-5, 7 days a week in a little run down office in the middle of town. When saying Quinoa / kinúwa both individual vowels are pronounced. The joke only works if you use American pronunciation, but it's a long joke and I didn't want people to get to the end and complain there's no punchline. Here's a video on youtube of an inhabitant of Cusco, Peru, talking about quinoa. Many shoppers are intimidated by the prospect of incorrectly pronouncing the name of this nutritious seed. Learn more. Read our guide to find out the correct way to say it, why it is pronounced that way, and how you can cook it to add vitamins and minerals to your everyday meals. Its main pronunciation sounds like “swee-back” or “zwee-back” which sounds a bit like “way back”.
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