Verse Concepts. Airflow and spaciousness between them is essential. Our season of life has shifted and we are holding on not wanting change. A Lesson in Pruning. Beat your plowshares into swords And your pruning hooks into spears; Let the weak say, “I am a mighty man.” Leviticus 25:3. The other type of branch to prune is a "sucker" branch that shoots out beneath the graft. Spears Tools Pruning. The current blooms developed during the prior season and wintered in the bud. Photo by Annie Spratt on “Less, but better.” – Greg McKeown . Some branches may be dying or diseased, some are at cross purposes, others are broken beyond repair. In nature, we prune dead vines to maintain the health of a plant and direct its growth. Pruning–that’s the term. Joel 3:10. After you cut them down to where they don’t even look like rose bushes, they grow beautiful new branches and produce lovely flowers. A lot of unintentional damage can be done in the name of productivity. Your life is a tree. Speaking on the topic of Lent and pruning last week, Pope Francis said: "Lent is a beneficial time of pruning from falsity, from worldliness, from indifference: to not think that everything is ok if I am ok; to understand that what counts is not approval, the pursuit of success or consensus, but purity of heart and life." They can’t just be left alone to grow wild their entire life. In business, home life, and self-care, the message is consistent. And their spears into pruning hooks; Nation will not lift up sword against nation, And never again will they train for war. Each branch is an interest, activity, and relationship. Verse Concepts. Each one requires energy to bear fruit. So I am thinking about chemo as pruning–even though I know the analogy breaks down on a physical level, I think it may be helpful to me to use on a psychological/spiritual level. Gals like me who tend to quantify our accomplishments in the form of to-do lists, have to be selective. These branches are incredibly dangerous to the life of the tree. We also cut out things in our life that are unhealthy or take us in the wrong direction. Pruning is life. No Strength To Cope Weakness, Spiritual Ambivalence. Perhaps one of these things fits your circumstances: Your job has become less challenging, maybe push button and you lack creativity for change. Sometimes we simply need pruning. In writing, we edit articles and cut out superfluous information to make it more concise and effective. Pruning shortly after flowering will let the tree get to work on next year’s blooms. We know the grace has lifted and yet we cling to what we know even though this part of our lives is not bearing fruit.
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