Prucha are a premier manufacturer of banjos and mandolins in the Czech Republic.
  • This new Prucha Mahogany Lightweight Banjo is made with nice Mahogany neck and resonator, Rosewood fingerboard and all Prucha parts. Get your Del McCoury snowflake ornament for Christmas! His bluegrass band is HPSK, the unusual name being composed of the initials of the member's surnames. These banjos lack a bit of the volume and projection of the Mastertone clones, but retain a sweet tone that has led to an increase in their popularity because they weight about 2 pounds less. But the biggest change in overall mass comes from installing a hoop-style tone ring in the pot instead of a standard Mastertone ring. Jaroslav shared a number of photos of the first one he has completed, which is on its way across the ocean to Jason now. All prices are with a tax. The result is a top tension banjo that weighs about the same or maybe even less than a regular Mastertone-style banjo. An open-back banjo is usually better for this, since a resonator adds a lot of weight. My friend, and builder of great guitars, Franta Furch, introduced me to these technologies, showing me how to cut pearl with lasers. The BAT is the first of the three banjos that come with original headstock and inlay designs from the PRUCHA artistic genius. Send us the filled in order. The banjo pot has a standard flathead tone ring with an original design in a zinc alloy flange It is beautifully inlaid with the BAT pattern on the headstock and fingerboard. The strikingly attractive gold-plated banjo uses a top tension apparatus to hold the head in place, but the tension hoop on this banjo is made from pot metal instead of brass, offering a reduction in weight. Don't know about other models. For more information about pricing and delivery, you can contact Prucha through his English language web site online. We wanted to introduce a top-tension banjo based on a classic design with simple pearl ornamentation, but also showcasing some novelty elements. The special Burleson pattern is inlaid in the neck, which has an extended 24 fret scale using stainless steel frets. , quick question for a possible big topic, what was the most wildest show you ever ... [gravityform id=11 title=false description=false],
    These lightweight Prucha models are currently in use at highest levels of bluegrass by players like Alison Brown, Russ Carson, Steve Dilling, Tony Furtado, and others. WELCOME TO PRUCHA BLUEGRASS INSTRUMENTS. May i ask ? The PIONEER is a step up from our basic model.
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