Yes, this can be sprayed around your campsite to deter bears, however they have very poor eyesight, so if you try to spray them to defend yourself from an attack, this will accomplish very little. References. Soap is a known irritant that many add to their homemade pepper sprays. Cayenne pepper. You won't need a lot of it to get it to work; two tablespoons of it will give you enough for several sprays' worth of mixture. Pardon me for intruding, but please learn from a real cook. Here are the main ingredients you'll require for your mixture: Cayenne pepper. Strain it to remove excess water, then cover it with some cheap vodka to keep it from spoiling. And, make sure to not rub or go near your eyes until the gloves are off and hands are washed. These can be bought at department stores and auto repair shops. For instance, add a squeeze of lemon if your want to put some sting in your pepper spray. Learn about what you are talking about before guessing and making yourself look dumb!, it isn't helpful too others, yes it can be a dangerous chemical, just like any other if misused. These will be used to mix with the cayenne pepper into a sprayable substance. your getting robbed, your being beat up, a republican slept with your wife), ok so the last part is a joke. As you add the alcohol, stir constantly until you get a good mixture. wikiHow's. Let it sit for a few days or a week, then strain it through a household strainer first, then through a coffee filter, and you will have enough mayhem in a spray bottle to get the job done without clogging the sprayer. Hi there.could you please give me dicrectioms to make your version thanks. fill the container up with water and put it in a microwave. you will need 1. "Dipping doors", this meant dipping doors in a highly concentrated bath of sodium hydroxide and water, 50kgs of sodium hydroxide to 400 gallons of water being heated by a massive gas burner. If it’s hotter than that, add glasses or goggles. first let me say that a pepper spray is a self defense weapon, and you should not abuse it. Baby oil is a viable alternative to vegetable oil. This article has been viewed 245,183 times. I am thinking about making a tutorial myself......I know a lot about making devices such as this, and my version is (not to be rude to this publisher, but) a lot more effective. #1. Find a small, concealable bottle, preferably one that will continue spraying when trigger is held. An empty deodorant can. The chemicals are specifically designed to cause pain in your eyes. X Aim for a 9mm drill bit. on Introduction, Answer You are of course correct, which is why it is best for pepper spray to have a thickened consistency. do you live in a dangerous part of town? Finally, cover the mixture with plastic wrap and let it sit overnight before filtering it through a coffee filter or cheesecloth. I made it from jalopeno & it works but add a little glyserine for firing strenght & a sqirt not spray bottle, i added sodium benzoate 1% for shelf life but citric acid will do it for 4months, Yes, but you'd but need another cayenne pepper substitute of equal or greater heat. You can, but if you do, the pepper spray won't be nearly as effective. well thats it thats how you make pepper spray its effective for up to two weeks. You will only need a few grams of the putty to. Epoxy. Filling your bottle with solids will make it unusable in only a spritz or two. It's a good idea to wear a set of gloves while handling epoxy. Because you'll be using a tire valve to pressurize your can, a car tire air pump should work for this purpose. This pepper spray is very easy to make and is the perfect, over the counter, self defense weapon! For more advice, including how to add your mixture to a spray can, read on. If you're going to use ghost peppers, though, they are known to cause permanent damage to the eyes. do bullies at school pick on you? Fill your bottle carefully, and I'd advise wearing goggles or large glasses and a mask because the fumes can be highly irritating to your respiratory system. Did you make this project? The Recipe for an Easy Homemade Pepper Spray. Once everything is combined, pour in 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and stir. Avoid making embarrassing mistakes on Zoom! We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. If you're considering adding anything else into your pepper spray mix, you should make sure that it won't cause permanent damage if it comes in contact with someone's eyes. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Don't talk rubbish, sodium hydroxide is dangerous, no doubt. Peppers, i used chili peppers as they seem to be the hottest of all peppers 2. You could use an immersion blender or a standard countertop blender, but the 'Bullet will grind the seeds better. You do not go around giving people mace in the face, as fun as it is. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Can I make pepper spray without cayenne pepper? have you ever gotten mugged by a crazed clown? % of people told us that this article helped them. A drill. Alternatively, instead of using powder, you can grind peppers up yourself and add them to the mix. 5 years ago For more advice, including how to add your mixture to a spray can, read on. You could but ghost peppers might permanently damage their eyes. Because of this, it's a perfect method for self-defence. 4 years ago. Sure I am in total agreement. Peppers, i used chili peppers as they seem to be the hottest of all peppers 2. Gather your supplies. No, as napkins are more fragile and will most likely tear apart. I'd like to make a formal complaint - I made up the spray, but the resulting erection only lasted 1 hour. your getting robbed, your being beat up, a republican slept with your wife), ok so the last part is a joke. Can’t stress this enough…if you are working with fresh peppers at 10,000 level on the Scoville Scale, make sure to wear gloves. Filtering the mixture as such will help prevent clogging the nozzle with sediment after use. It requires a few basic skills but the end result is fantastic......give me a week or two to get the stuff together I need, I am not exactly sure how long it takes to make a tutorial but I will get it done. Anyone can google this & get the facts I've worked with it myself making soap clearing drains & neutralizing other chemicals. What's incredibly scary here is this tutorial has been viewed over 500,000 times and someone is likely to take this information as facts. Alcohol burns easy-to-irritate spots such as scratches, cuts, and the eyes. {"smallUrl":"https:\/\/\/images\/thumb\/0\/08\/Make-Pepper-Spray-Step-1-Version-4.jpg\/v4-460px-Make-Pepper-Spray-Step-1-Version-4.jpg","bigUrl":"\/images\/thumb\/0\/08\/Make-Pepper-Spray-Step-1-Version-4.jpg\/aid599301-v4-728px-Make-Pepper-Spray-Step-1-Version-4.jpg","smallWidth":460,"smallHeight":259,"bigWidth":"728","bigHeight":"410","licensing":"

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