WiSA specifies use of the 5.2-5.8 GHz frequency band. WiSA technology will let supporting LG TV models pair with any WiSA Certified wireless speakers for low-latency (as low as 5ms) and hi-fi sound. Correction: This article previously stated that LG’s WiSA Ready TVs can connect to these speakers without a transmitter. Certified WiSA speakers are currently available from such major speaker brands as Klipsch, Bang & Olufsen, Axiim, Enclave Audio … WiSA — wireless speaker and audio — offers the promise of changing and simplifying home theater setups by getting rid of speaker wires and even the A/V receiver. WiSA, which has support from 60+ manufacturers of home theater gear, including LG, TCL, Toshiba, Klipsch, and Bang & Olufsen, is a hardware and software specification for high resolution digital audio. This is incorrect. Compatible with LG’s 2019 OLED and NanoCell TVs, the Axiim LINK connects to the TV via a micro-USB cable and enables uncompressed 24-bit/96-kHz audio signals to be transmitted wirelessly to WiSA-certified speakers available from Klipsch, Harman Kardon, Bang & Olufsen, SA (System Audio), Platin, and Enclave Audio.
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