lady fern Interesting Notes. Lady fern leaves with seeds - Buy this stock photo and explore similar images at Adobe Stock From a volunteer at The New England Wildflower Society comes a hot new selection of our native lady fern (Athyrium filix-femina var. Lady fern, (Athyrium filix-femina), a large, feathery fern (family Athyriaceae) widely cultivated for ornamentation. here in Seattle they are a no maintenance plant. Athyrium filix-femina. Lady fern requires a shady spot with nutrient-rich, well-drained sandy or humus soil. Lady fern is an excellent choice for massing in shaded areas where other plants fail to flourish. Distribution: Lady Fern is abundant throughout the northern hemisphere; found in all the states and provinces in North America.. Habitat: It grows in moist to wet forests, meadows and streambanks. Lady ferns occur in moist semi-shaded areas in the temperate zones of the world. This is the species most responsible for the name Lady Fern; in older Greek traditions, this fern was considered the feminine, lacier counterpart to the more robust ‘Male Fern’, Dryopteris filix-mas. When growing lady fern in the home landscape, it’s important to choose a planting site based on light exposure and drainage. Slowly spreading, this fern is easy to grow and lovely when paired with hostas and heucheras. angustum forma rubellum) that's all the rage.The lacy light green foliage is held upright on dark brilliant red-violet stipes (fern stems). Wetland designation: FAC, Facultative, it is equally likely to occur in wetlands or non-wetlands. An incredibly variable, but generally feathery, species with over 300 forms! Photo about Detail of lady fern green fronds with seeds. Image of environment, garden, copy - 189938819 they need humidity and regular to moist soil. Growth: Lady Fern grows to 6 feet, (2m) tall. Noted for its strong vase-shape with distinctly upright fronds, Athyrium Ghost' (Lady Fern) is an elegant deciduous fern forming a pretty rosette of arching, ghostly silvery gray fronds accented by contrasting dark red-purple midribs. UP FOR SALE IS ATHYRIUM FILIX-FEMINA, LADY FERN, SPORES, (SEEDS) 1000 SPORES Lady ferns are pretty, clump forming plants with a spread of 3' wide and 3' tall with delicate, light-green, feathered leaves (fronds).
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