It’s our third baby and he still yells at my tum, Mommy & Me PJ set ✨G I V E A W A Y✨ The second time you apply conditioner just to let it sit. Your hair looks wonderful! Living in South Florida has taught me to not only appreciate my curly hair but also to properly care for them, too. © Copyright 2013-2020 Motherhood Through My Eyes. I’ve partnered with Pantene for this blog post to share their new Pantene Pro-V Blends Rose Water Sulfate-Free collection. Leave it in for at least 10 minutes. Quick tip: Make sure you can see the water coming out clear (no suds) when you finish rinsing. Pantene’s new collection has a rosewater base which is a big trend in skincare. All Rights Reserved. I haven’t used Pantene but I know people who swear by it. This is something I advise curly-haired women do before washing their locks. I love Pantene shampoo and conditioner for my hair and Your hair looks so beautiful I love it. I switched to bar shampoo and conditioner last year and my hair has never felt better. The Pantene’s Rose Water sulfate-free shampoo is on the list of Curly Girl-approved shampoos, according to a post on Married mom of three kids and two pups residing in South Florida. A real winner, you guys. The following products are approved Pro-V Defined Curls Mousse Ingredients checked January 2019 To buy: $10; Not all curly hair is the same, and not all products yield the same results. On D. I wear my hair curly quite a bit in the summertime or when I go on vacation and love the look it gives me. At the time of purchasing the products mentioned above, the Pantene Blends Deep Moisture Mask wasn’t available at our local Target store. The Pantene’s Rose Water sulfate-free shampoo is on the list of Curly Girl-approved shampoos, according to a post on If you're starting to use the CG Method, it's important to know which oils you can and should be using in your hair. I’m glad the products work for you as finding great hair products can be a challenge. Many would make promises but always under deliver. It left my hair feeling so clean without drying it out at all. It’s improved throughout the years. It’s hard to find the right products, know how to care for them, and feel attractive when you’re the only one big, puffy hair in 5th grade. It wasn’t until I discovered the value in my locks that I began to appreciate them. Pantene Rose Water is curlygirl approved but it's going away! If you simply must wash your hair, as long as you buy a sulfate-free shampoo, you should be in the clear. ... Pantene Pro V Rose Water Shampoo. Just want to … Aw, thanks Jazmin. You’ve got some lovely curls!! 1. Enjoy! Thoughts On The New Rose Water Collection, 15 Easy Homemade Pizza Recipes To Enjoy With The Family, 5 Things Successful Mom Bloggers Do Every Day, Pantene Rose Water shampoo and conditioner. Good luck! It’s perfect for anyone looking to add more texture to their locks instead of stripping away the natural oils that excess shampooing may cause. Both the shampoo and conditioner is rich in vitamin B3 and B5 and has a blend of pro-vitamin b5, antioxidants, and rose water. 2020’s been a helluvah year, DIY Santa photo? Fast forward to now… I am in my 30’s and I’ve learned to embrace them. Pantene Pro-V Rose Water Shampoo. But this is also coming from a guy who bought me blue contact lenses and asked that I dye my hair blonde. It has a great smell that isn’t strong throughout the day. It’s been a great addition to the list of Pantene Pro-V products, however, people are still questioning whether it’s worth the purchase. Honestly, i wasn’t a fan of Pantene growing up. You can probably take a stab of what the shampoo and conditioner smell like… roses So the smell is a huge win. I believe self-care is the key to happiness. To get the most out of your first co-washing experience, you should brush your hair before applying water. All Rights Reserved. With that in mind, here are 25 curly girl approved sulfate free shampoos to consider if you’re in the market for something new! Here's where you'll discover parenting hacks, self care essentials, and other recommendations of products my family uses. If your hair lacks moisture, the first thing you want to do is minimize the times you wash it. Natural curls aren’t always easy to manage. Very informative post too. I have always enjoyed Pantene products for my hair and will have to check out their new rose water line. Using your hands, separate your hair into four sections. These two are necessary products for every woman but are often overlooked because some think that all the magic happens in the styling product. When I wear my hair curly, I wash it every 3 or 4 days and find the conditioner in this line is great for moisturizing and keeping frizz under control in between washes. My curls felt soft to the touch after washing it with the Pantene Rose Water sulfate-free shampoo. To answer whether or not to use Pantene for curly hair depends on your needs. You can you better... Is Pantene For Curly Hair? It is super lightweight and works great as a co-wash. They need all the loving! Thank you. I love your curls. That’s how you’ll know it’s properly rinsed. Whether you try this Pantene for curly hair product or not, learning to care for your curls goes beyond the product. Yes To Cucumbers Colour Protect Shampoo. The shampoo also lathers up really nicely, which I’m not used to seeing in sulfate-free shampoos.
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