Cut along your line all the way to the corner, with force turn and continue while gently pulling up on the scrap. The end cut off tool, also referred to as the staple flap tool, is used to finish off the edge of a cut board. How do I cut in two vents (one in each duct) into the round duct pipes and have them go through the ceiling tiles. Some main and auxiliary ducts are round and those can be tapped into, but not duct pipes that go directly to a vent in a room. Angled take offs are: TTO top take off, double top take off, adjustable top take off, and the 45 side take off (the one on … Every 2-3 inches turn in off the line and make a relief cut and go back to the line. A—Match the ends of the two half sections. 8 inches below the duct work. Never cut into a single, round duct that serves one vent in a room. Duct knives are versatile tools used in a variety of duct building circumstances. I am going to be putting a suspended ceiling in and it will be approx. I'm thinking of leaving the existing fan box and damper and cutting a section out of the existing vertical 8" round duct work so that I can mount the inline fan to a rafter and running flexible duct from existing 8" hard round duct to the inline fan an back. Cutting Into Existing Duct Work Question; How To adjust a Round Sheet Metal Ductwork Elbow Take care not to place your duct work too near any strong sources of heat, such as that in a HVAC device, and avoid curling the duct around a sharp point. Once you get to the next corner you don't need relief cuts anymore. To get the cleanest cut I would use a die grinder and a cutting wheel (a dremel would work too but it would take a lot longer), then vacuum up the inside of the duct so it doesn't blow all your metal dust out into your room. (d) Connect the rectangular duct to the collar of the. Put it up against the duct and mark off the hole that you would need to cut. There are two round aluminum ducts running in the floor joist about the room we are making. Straight take offs; the STO side take off as shown in Bob's first picture, the round fish lock collar , and the spin in collar mainly used in commercial duct work. You'll identify these round auxiliary vents by their large size and they will … By cutting several V-grooves into the board, it can be folded into a four-sided rectangular box which is a common component of an HVAC duct system.
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