It can be a birth defect though more commonly occurs as a complication of chronic ear infection. Playing by ear is a gift if it comes to you easily, because its damn hard to do. Playing by ear is not a magical, god-given gift. For most of us, playing by ear just takes time and practice. Your ear for music will improve with practice, but some people never get to the point where they can play by ear. Rarity: Rare. After playing the piano for a few years, I can play by ear some stuff, but my ear hasn't been trained enough to play, lets say, a difficult piano piece by ear. A pretty bizarre concept really. But those people are rare. Noting the perfect pitch / Rare musical ability to distinguish sounds by ear could be genetic Carl T. Hall , Chronicle Science Writer Jan. 14, 2002 Updated: Jan. 31, 2012 4:10 p.m. But if you'd grown up playing a violin that was E A D G, you'd have no problems because it wasn't any more specifically difficult when you started. hey there, i also can play by ear, i have tried too learn many instrements through my life but never stuck with it. You know, sit down at the piano, and just start playing whatever tune is in your head. Okay, sometimes it can be. Learning with music in front of you helps with the second skill. [I'm copying an answer I posted to a question about the difference between people who can read music and play well, and people who can't and play well] "Often we talk about a person's "talent" or "ability" when it comes to music. There are rare people in the world born with “perfect pitch,” and for them hearing and understanding sounds just works automatically. There are so many benefits to such a talent: the freedom to express oneself musically, versatility in being able to put one’s music to good use for economic or artistic purposes, the ability to entertain and please others…and if we see the talent of playing by ear in our children, we are usually thrilled. my sister had a sax wen i was about 10,when she was out i used to try playing it, i could play quite a lot different songs i have loved. Cholesteatoma is a type of skin cyst that is located in the middle ear and mastoid bone in the skull. It can be learned, playing by ear, but I think it’s more in the realm of “magic.” I have been able to play by ear since I was 5. Everyone seems really hung up on the idea that you're one or the other. It's not magic. The thing people need to realize is that playing by ear isn't magic. Playing by ear requires a very good ear and a good sense of how melody and harmony work. Top Symptoms: ear fullness/pressure, ringing in the ears, pain in one ear canal, vertigo (extreme dizziness), hearing loss in one ear So in short, if you train yourself how to do it, you'll get better and better.
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