Turning the eggs is best A room temperature of 70-80 degrees F. is ideal, and fresh air without drafts is necessary. Fine adjust after temperature stabilizes. Complete with housing (125 x 49 x 35 mm). Teflon-coated Length: approx. provide moisture. bend in the flange is 1/8" above the floor when sitting on the floor This website uses cookies, which are necessary for the technical operation of the website and are always set. saved for hatching should be protected from freezing. using a turner, regulate incubator with the turner in the incubator and With cable (1,5 m), sensor (15 cm) and heating blue, 46 Watt. It is impossible to give any set rule for supplying moisture. 113 cm, Heating for still air incubator no. temperature of 70-80 degrees F. is ideal, and fresh air without drafts is Price: $239.97: New (2) from $239.97 + $21.58 Shipping. eggs standing on end. usually provided from moisture of hatched chicks drying off. The tried-and-true way to incubate and hatch eggs, with updated digital technology. no direct sunlight strikes the incubator and that it sets level. Eggs must be fresh and fertile. With cable (1,5 m), sensor (15 cm) and heating red, 48 Watt. wafer too far from the thermostat switch, over heating the incubator (above Remove the thermometer from its box and place it in center of right side operating procedure and the performance of the incubator, before attempting The front vent plug (just below label) is used to regulate humidity and the eggs. correct this situation. Caution - About half way through incubation process, 31400, 31420 and 31430) Dimensions complete: 8 x 8 x 2,5 cm, Heating for Supertherm incubators (item no. Clean you incubator after each hatch with bleach water. Check with your feed dealer for proper them on their side on the wire floor, and increase temperature two full degrees or more will change the temperature in the incubator. The location of the machine is important to successful operation. When pilot light goes out, check the temperature. Other models have two notches in one side of the rim of both the top and 230 V. Digital thermostat for still air incubator 31305, 31319 and 99165. Three days before total incubation and hatching time, discontinue turning When there is moisture condensed on the windows, remove front vent plug. is the back). This is normal and is caused by the embryos forming Some chicks may be late in hatching, so you can leave remaining unhatched If If it has not reached Egg-Incubators - Still-Air-Incubators. Telephone support and counselling under:0049-5246-4686. 31310 and 31315 48 Watt, red heating. to hatch, put water in both troughs of bottom to compensate for extra dryness around until you are sure all have been turned, and then put the eggs taken The pilot 100.5 degrees F. is reached. in 4 hours. Insert finger in slot and lift wafer to Note: This Turner runs very slowly--only one revolution Avoid chilling of wet chicks. 113 cm, Heating for still air incubator no. stops up the pores of the shells. By this a sticking of the embryo to the egg... Digital thermostat for still air incubator 31315 and 99155. chicks should be left in incubator to dry. F., regulate so that it turns on and off the same above and below 100.5 Any time the pilot light is on, the heater and fan (if Do not bother the regulator unless it is absolutely necessary. half way between temperature in the chart below. Regulate the temperature for desired setting and be sure it holds this crush the chicks. Run the electric cord through the notch and press to the bottom of the Screw wafer onto end of Adjusting Screw until snug. 130 cm. (30 - 100 W). Check temperature daily. Be sure to replace vent plugs before next setting of eggs. During time of hatching, you need higher humidity that is An incubator or brooder is designed to bring normal room temperature to all connections properly made. Use care in turning eggs to avoid with the hand. eggs. eggs up to two days longer. Any time the pilot light is off, the heater will 31310 analogical, complete in a housing (125 x 49 x 35 mm). Other cookies, which increase the comfort when using this website, are used for direct advertising or to facilitate interaction with other websites and social networks, are only set with your consent. HEKA incubators. Chicken and Other Large Eggs (including Goose). for fertility, note the size of the air space. A well-ventilated basement room is often just right. *Winter operation requires lowering operating temperature to prevent overheating The eggs are standing on the top - this means the air bladder is at the top. done by removing about a dozen from the center and rolling the rest of them If incubator is over 90 percent of capacity and contains The automatic turner must be removed from the incubator or the eggs must screw will stay in place. of a turn). The day that chicks start to hatch, remove the temperature for two to three hours before putting eggs in incubator. Manual Egg Turning - Place eggs on their side with small necessary. When incubator is from 25 to 75 percent of capacity, remove the front Keep the eggs clean. are nearly grown. A well-ventilated basement room is often just right. Do not leave Fine adjust thermostat to hold as close to F. Some types of chicks need a temperature around 70 degrees F. until they 31300 and 31320 analogical, complete in a housing (125 x 49 x 35 mm). Moisture in an incubator prevents excessive drying out of the natural moisture for exercise. Discard small or poorly Polystyrene incubator/automatic turning / digital. of the bottom, against rim and facing towards the center. for entire incubation period. instructional manual of the incubator. Some models of the incubator have printed on the rim of the top and bottom, the last ten days. Electronic thermostat for still air incubators no. Important: In the winter time, three days before time Location. Slide turner as close as possible to the front rim of bottom
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