Fertilized duck eggs last a week before the incubation process must begin, where heat causes the embryonic cells to divide. Common duck eggs should lose about 14% of their weight at time of setting by 25 days. Reading Time: 7 minutes Hatching duck eggs is an awe-inspiring experience. The eggs are usually laid early in the morning so getting up early to collect them is important because the longer they are left, the more chances there are of the eggs becoming dirty or damaged. Our duck egg incubation calculator is the right online tool to know the estimated hatch date of duck eggs. sit on fertile eggs until they hatch), using an incubator is generally your best bet. Duck Egg Incubation Duck eggs should be collected daily. Is this the normal experience for you? Three incubation strategies have been observed in waterfowl—shared incubation, female-only incubation, and brood parasitism—but female-only incubation is most common. Egg Incubation A mother duck, or hen, will lay on her eggs, giving them her body heat to begin incubation, and she'll rotate them to evenly distribute the heat. Once the clutch is complete, the majority of the female's time is then devoted to incubation. You only need to perform two actions: Select the date that the eggs were set and click the calculate button. Weight loss can also be used as a guide. How to Use the Incubation Chart. Which begs the question, just what is the incubation period for duck eggs? Fill in the dates beginning at the first day of incubation. Incubating for short periods during egg laying ensures that embryos remain viable. This egg was 40 days old on the day of hatching. To use the chart, determine the “due date” of your chicks, poults, or ducklings by looking at the “Incubation Period” reference at the bottom. I just had our first duck egg hatch. It is recommended by some instead of misting the eggs, remove the lid of the incubator for 10-30 minutes every day starting at about day 7 of the incubation period to let the eggs cool slightly - again mimicking a mother duck leaving the nest daily to feed and drink. Periodic cooling of waterfowl eggs has been studied and is thought to have beneficial effects on hatch rates. This tool is simple, fast and easy to use. Add to Favorites . Note the estimated hatch date next to the type of poultry you’ll be hatching. If the duckling is developing normally, the air cell should occupy about one-third of the space inside the egg at 25 days of incubation (common ducks). Since domestic duck breeds rarely go broody (i.e. Duck eggs have a higher tendency to go rotten during incubation than chicken eggs, for several reasons: They are laid in a damp & dirty environment (ducks are notoriously messy birds) They are in the incubator for an extra week (28 vs 21 days), allowing more time for pathogenic microorganisms to grow.
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