Evaluation of 2,000 abstracts presented in 2005 revealed an overall full publication rate of 19.8% (n = 384). Over five years, the average number of poster abstracts was 67.8 and oral 55.0. Practical implications – The paper demonstrates that engaged approaches to architecture and engineering education contribute to a heightened awareness among students of the importance of sustainability. Nevertheless, developing indicators reflecting the constructs of eHealth policy is not as simple as it might seem. It also outlines by example, some of the wider principles of poster compilation and presentation, for use by those who may utilise the medium at academic and scientific meetings. All data were analyzed descriptively and inferentially. 482 (93%) were published in specialty journals. Results suggest that there is a usual common structure among the texts of this genre and there are also some language forms that occur in most of the texts such as length, moves and steps, morphology, and the use of pronouns and verbs. Observational studies were the most common study designs and were most published. Projects published in journals with high impact factors had a longer median time to publication compared with other projects. Keywords: Social media, Academics, Research Library and Information Science, Educators. 80 0 obj <> endobj One of the strongest findings of the survey is the persistence of major differences between the peer review processes used by different disciplines. Most popular abstract theme was oncology for both poster and oral abstracts. It encourages other educators to adopt similar approaches to sustainability education in their courses. In addition, the publication rate of accepted abstracts is a strong indicator of meeting quality, and it has a potential effect on clinical practice. Given that academic posters rely heavily on visual appeal and direct author interaction, the medium requires greater flexibility in their design to promote effective knowledge transfer. Possibly the most important point about qualitative research is that its practitioners do not seek to generalize their findings to a wider population. These data suggest that the quality and type of poster and podium presentations may not be equal, and these potential differences should be kept in mind when considering changes in clinical practice according to type of meeting presentation. This article presents and discusses approaches to knowledge dissemination and exchange and provides a summary of factors that appear to influence the effectiveness of these processes. Even so, effectively synthesizing the information requires the development and dissemination of practice guidelines. A comprehensive literature search using PubMed and Google Scholar for all abstracts (including podiums, posters, and e-posters) presented at the 2002 to 2006 POSNA annual meetings was performed. How to cite item. Overall and ite mized compliance with the proposed guidance was determined for each study. This pilot study is the first to explore perceptions of the academic poster as a medium for knowledge transfer. Dissemination of the integrative review is the planned process of presenting findings to a targeted audience. The promise of evidence-based policies is, however, a mirage, and often the result is policy-based evidence. I show how Florence and Giles develops familiar tropes attached to the figure of the queer child and look specifically at how readings of the parent text implicate contemporary readings of this figure. The mean time to full publication was 16.8 months (SD ±11.9 months). The time from completing research to final publishing can, however, be long when publishing in peer-reviewed journals. Presenting research at conferences usually offers a faster publication process, thus enabling quicker dissemination of the research, ... Presenting research at conferences usually offers a faster publication process, thus enabling quicker dissemination of the research [49]. %%EOF Descriptive analyses from the Organizational Culture Profile revealed that most respondents perceived value in the factors of supportiveness, competitiveness, and stability. Building an evidence base for informing eHealth policies is necessary to move eHealth policy making forward. Design/methodology/approach – The paper identifies the need for sustainability education in fields related to, Influence maximization is a widely used model for information dissemination in social networks. Approaches include peer-reviewed publications, podium, or poster presentations at conferences, social media, and news media. If the results of monitoring and evaluation are made public, this will add to the aggregate international evidence base of what works and what does not. Stakeholders have critical role in managing the SC cycle. Nearly all pharmacy abstracts were published as manuscripts (98.4%; n=378) and indexed in PubMed and Google Scholar (91.9%; n = 353), although a significant percentage were indexed in Google Scholar only (7.8%; n = 30). Endorsement and implementation of these guidelines by researchers, clinicians and journals would promote more consistent reporting of these studies and allow for better assessment of utility for clinical applications. These large Facebook groups allowed clinicians to share their experiences and answer each other's' questions [5]. Bond CM. Opinions differ about what is ethically allowable in clinical and benchtop medical research. Currently, such committees function with widely varying degrees of efficiency and quality of output, and with differing viewpoints on many ethical issues. We provide an algorithmic framework to find solutions which satisfy fairness constraints, and in the process improve the state of the art for general multi-objective submodular maximization problems. Internal dissemination also facilitates replication and validation of findings across care settings. Novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a pandemic affecting over 10 million people in 160 countries. Descriptive statistics were performed on the responses. A survey was distributed to 88 delegates who presented academic posters at two Releasing Research and Enterprise Potential conferences in June 2007 and June 2008 at Bournemouth University. In addition, our study indicated that publication rates among pediatric orthopaedic subspecialties (trauma, spine, hip, basic science, lower extremity, and upper extremity) did not differ. 0 In order to establish a strategy for monitoring and evaluating eHealth policies, policy makers should adopt a strategic management approach to eHealth policy development and implementation. In the health care setting, KBs work closely with clinicians to facilitate enhanced uptake of research findings into clinical practice. Researchers should engage knowledge users to craft messages and help disseminate research findings. This indicates that publication representation across all areas of pediatric orthopaedic practice is generally uniform. Dissemination Planning To ensure that the project results will be used, research projects must develop a dissemination plan that explains how the outcomes of the The overall publication rate of abstracts presented at AOSSM annual meetings (67.1%) was much higher than that reported for other orthopaedic meetings (34%-52%), highlighting the overall educational value and information quality of AOSSM meetings.
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