By Meghan Werft. There are 1500 known species of starfish in the world. But it's hard to stay mad at the sea when, while offering demon-spawn hell creatures on one hand, it gives us some of the cutest widdle fings evah on the other. But, believe it or not, all of these animals can be found right here on planet Earth! A List of Sea Animals. One of the most beautiful and colorful sea creatures found in all the world oceans. Let’s check out the cuties of the oceans: 1) Dumbo octopus (Grimpoteuthis): Apart from Dumbo being one of my favorite cartoons ever, this octopus is nothing short of beautiful. The insanely bright colors of starfishes camouflage them, also used for warn potential predators. Flickr/Victor. It’s an exciting place to explore. Most of the animals chosen were pretty cute but I think I’ve got a list that will blow them out of the water, literally. Frilled Shark can be caught inside 1,570 meters inside the sea but in Suruga Bay located in Japan, it is usually seen at a depth of 50 to 200 meters. June 8, 2017 Today, June 8, is World Oceans Day. These sea creatures are so alien-like that we can't believe they aren't from outer space! 1. Celebrate World Oceans Day With 17 Of The Cutest Sea Creatures Because these sea turtles are ready for a future with healthy oceans. Along with terrifying deep-sea creatures, we have also listed beautiful fishes in the world. Like the Grimpoteuthis or dumbo octopus. Check out these 9 sea creatures who are out of this world! The cutest animals don’t always have fur. Neither a wise investment, nor primates, nor sea creatures, sea-monkeys are a type of brine shrimp that thrive in salt lakes and salt flats. These 10 goofy, smiling creatures will bring joy to your day! The ocean is home to some truly terrifying creatures that we'd rather didn't exist. Did we forget your favorite wild animal? The ocean, the original home of earth’s animal life, has creatures of every size and type. Feather Star These crazy looking marine animals wave their "feathers" to get around underwater. So, where’d they get their name? Read through this list of sea animals—arranged in alphabetical order—to start exploring what's in our seas. Cutest sea creatures Paris Stefanoudis February 10, 2014 Comments. From koalas to tamarin monkeys, these are the world's cutest wild creatures. See photos, pictures, and facts. Starfishes have very striking colors in various shades of grey, brown, blue, orange and red. Harold von Braunhut started selling sea-monkeys in the 1960s, initially calling them “Instant Life.” Then, in 1964, they were marketed as sea-monkeys due to their aquatic environment (duh) and monkey-like tails. This year’s theme is “Our Oceans, Our Future,” and the theme couldn’t have come at a better time. Share Share Tweet Email. Let us know in the comments. After I looked at which marine animals give me goosebumps , it is time to explore the opposite. There has been a lot of people posting pictures on instagram, tumblr, twitter, and facebook about the cutest animals ever.
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