So, if they want to play a concert Bb scale, they start on a G (they have to think up a six steps in the scale - or down a minor third). Trumpet in B b & c #w F# 123 w G 13 #w bw G# 23 Ab 23 w A 12 Bb Tpt. & w 13 D #w bw 23 D# 23 Eb … Eb Major Scale Trumpet Fingering Chart. Scales and Arpeggios for Trumpet by Ken Saul 2008 This volume of exercises is especially for trumpet, but will be useful for many instruments in treble clef. It covers all major and minor scales and arpeggios, chromatic scales, diminished and augmented arpeggios, and some modal scales. Eb / F / G / Ab / Bb / C / D / Eb oxx / xoo / ooo / oxx / xoo / ooo / xoo / oxo. Concert B Major (Db Major) 151 Concert G# Minor (Bb Minor) 157 Concert F# Major (Ab Major) 163 Concert D# Minor (F Minor) 169 Concert C# Major (Eb Major) … A concert scale is the B concert on a b-flat trumpet, assuming that's what you mean. Concert C is their D, Concert Ab is their Bb. & #w bw A# 1 Bb 1 w B 2 w C Open #w bw 123 C# 123 Db Bb Tpt. Concert E Flat Scale (Trumpet) by Sierra Shibuta - April 10, 2014 Alto and baritone saxes, alto clarinet and most alto horns are Eb instruments: when they play a C it sounds like a Eb on the piano.
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