The Combined – Integrated Doctoral Program in Clinical and School Psychology at James Madison University is an innovative, applied psychology program that leads to the awarding of the Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) Students who want to enroll in this program should have completed a bachelor's degree with sufficient coursework in psychology and statistics. The C-I program … University of Oxford provides combined Master of Science (MSc) and Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) programs such as Experimental Psychology (combined MSc and DPhil) and Neuroscience (combined MSc and DPhil). If you apply to these programs, you will be considered both for the MSc and the DPhil. The university's nationally ranked Frances L. Hiatt School of Psychology draws innovative faculty from all … The university's Department of Psychology has a strong focus on its graduate and PhD programs. Description of Program. Usually, a dual master's and PhD degree in psychology is a 5-6 year program of study. degree and eligibility for licensure as a clinical psychologist and licensure/certification as a school psychologist. After successfully completing the one-year MSc program… The mission of the combined-integrated (C-I) doctoral program is to produce leading professional psychologists who are broadly trained in the science and practice of … In a combined clinical psychology program, you may be able to earn a master's degree in any one of several options including psychology, public health, women's studies, or human sexual … During the dual degree program… Man vyi.
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