While the crisp blustery autumn days feel invigorating, they also afford some of the most dynamic transformations. Clematis WHITE ARABELLA recieved a Bronz Medal at Plantarium 2019. Reply to Julie: I don't think impatiens downy mildew will spread to other non-related plants, like wallflowers. And no, there really isn't any soil treatment available to gardeners. Arabella Clematis Clematis x 'Arabella' Sku #2178. I grow a fabulous variety called 'Pagoda' that has been in flower for weeks. The buttercup blossoms bear 6 strongly ribbed sepals, gradually curling along the edges and a prominent central tuft of stamens with yellow anthers. . It is a beautiful hybrid with the herbaceous scrambling habit of integrifolia but with large, upturned flowers. Log in or register to join the conversation. Perhaps the weather will be different next summer and this disease will not be a problem, but the nurserymen I have spoken to are very worried about it. I cut it right back to the ground as soon as the flowers finish and each spring I have loads of new shoots which flower right up to the end of September. wide blooms initially glow with a reddish cast, then fade to soft blue, each defined by 4 to 8 classy pear-shaped tepals surrounding pronounced creamy yellow stamens. There is another variety of clematis called Arabella. Albion, CA 95410 Each vine is 18 inches to 2 feet tall. Clematis ‘Arabella’ at Digging Dog Mail Order Nursery. Medium Band. Our selections offer stylish blossoms, attractive carefree foliage, and ornamental seed heads, in exchange for a minimum of attention. Attention! The blooms appear constantly all summer and begin a deep blue-mauve color fading to a pale blue. Please fill out our Registration Form to receive news of updates to the web site, availability of new plants, give us your feedback, and to be on the mailing list to receive future printed catalogs. (707) 937-1130 (phone) Single flowers with slightly upturned sepal edges open to violet-blue, then develop mauve-colored centers and fade to soft blue as they age. Beautiful, color-changing blooms provide a parade of summer color. I have this clematis that grows up through my Climber "Golden Showers". I've just dug up my 'Arabella' because after 6 years it is swamping everything. Thankfully, once fall settles in, most of us have less gardening chores and more time for leisurely strolls through our leafy sanctuaries. We hope you’ll consider digging some of them into your garden. Talkback: Clematis 'Arabella' Gardeners' World Web User Posts: 17,147. The variety of clematis Arabella, referred to in this article, is unusual even if it does not have the ability to climb, like most common clematis varieties. The shorter days and cooler nights of November kindle tantalizing fall color when we include a medley of both evergreen and deciduous woody plants coupled with herbaceous perennials and ornamental grasses. As Arabella is an herbaceous clematis is it liable to wilt? One of the greatest joys of gardening is bearing witness to the changes each season etches upon the landscape. Arabella is my favorite clematis of the 50 clematis varieties in my zone 4 garden. Size: 3' 0" – 6' 0" high x 0" & spreading wide. 31101 Middle Ridge Road Allow ‘Arabella’ to grow thru small shrubs, or provide low support to show the flowers most effectively. November 2012 in Talkback. (PPAF) = Propagation of this plant prohibited without a license. They prefer to be planted slightly deep in cool well-drained soil with mulch or a ground cover to shade their feet; provide a support and let them climb. Use them to cover just about every stump and dead tree, as well as on trellises, arbors, pergolas, walls and tall shrubs. The featured deciduous trees are internationally renown for their undemanding handsome habits and prismatic fall displays. I've tried five Clematis in my garden over the years and every one survived for only one year before keeling over with Clematis wilt. They have a surprisingly good selection of climbers! Clematis Arabella is the world’s most popular non-vining clematis, flowering early and non stop all summer. How deep should clematis be planted? I have a very unrully Ckematis macropetala "Markham's Pink" neglected for years. I am looking to buy 'Arabella' Clematis but I can't seem to find one, could you help I live in Hornchurch Essex thankyou. Celebrated as the most popular nonclimbing Clematis and the longest flowering of all Clematis, this 2002 AGM champion promotes plentiful, rounded bright blue-mauve flowers from spring through fall upon a winsome, semiherbaceous shrubby habit. Order the 2020 Catalog printed on genuine paper for $2. . yes, Morrisons are wonderful for a wide variety of inexpensive climbers. across (9 cm). Simple and beautiful, Clematis includes over 300 named cultivars and even more wild species than the rose. business@diggingdog.com. Please feel free to visit the tree section of our website and learn more about them!
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