The 4 looks exactly like you’d expect from its low price. See also: Best Chromebooks For Business 2019. With a 1366x768 resolution and a 1.1 GHz Intel Celeron processor inside, the 14a is a mid-tier model that HP offers for budget buyers looking to get productive at home, office, or even in the lecture halls at college. While these inexpensive laptops don’t offer the full experience that most standard laptops do, Chromebooks’ web-centric platform and affordable prices make them perfect for light usage of social media and web-based productivity. This little machine trumps all the others in terms of ports. Most Chromebook connections are wireless, as you’ll use the machine almost exclusively when connected to Wi-Fi. Regardless, these are the most important specs and factors to be aware of. Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook In the case of HP’s Chromebook 11, a satisfying keyboard and solid build quality help distinguish it from the pack. A Chromebook could be your answer. Build quality is decent enough, but still great for the budget. Most of your files on a Chromebook will be stored in the cloud, so Chromebooks include only a small serving of eMMC-based storage, usually 32GB or 64GB, on which to save your local creations. This makes it one of the best Chromebooks for students … Whereas most other panels in this class make everything skew blue, the Samsung Chromebook delivers warmer tones that look more authentic and detailed. It has over 10 hours of battery, perfect for really the whole day of studying or work. This inexpensive Samsung Chromebook 3 is a great compact laptop for both school and entertainment, especially if you’re just starting high school and need it for note-taking itself. So, if you’re heading back to school, here are the best Chromebooks to invest in. With the Samsung Chromebook 3, you get a bright display, excellent graphics, solid battery, and a great webcam, all for a lower cost than many other laptops on the market. Get the best deals straight in your inbox. The subtle texture around the display helps minimize reflections from the glossy bezel. Required fields are marked *, Related Posts on Best Chromebooks For Students In 2020, A Chromebook is a specific type of laptop with just one significant difference. Google’s Pixelbook Go is actually quite good for what it is. Many of their products are pitched towards the premium end of the market, but Lenovo does also make budget laptops, and Chromebooks are perfect for the most affordable nd of the market. The hardware specs keep it zippy at all times and the sturdy keyboard is reliable to type all day long if necessary. For starters, the Chromebook doesn’t have a touchscreen, and its brightness lacks pizazz. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. The system is worth a look for students due to its affordability and easy features. The case is made from plastic, but the ceramic white color looks like the aluminum construction on the Macbook Air. If you’re constantly using Google Docs and the internet to watch some YouTube, the 4 is worth a look. The C720 follows in the footsteps of the Acer C7 and its predecessors. Nothing earth-shattering as far as specs are concerned, but the Spin 11 is surprisingly competent when it comes to handling stressful workloads. It’s light, reasonably well-built, and delivers a capable performance for the budget. We hope you like the items we recommend! The laptop is certainly capable of running Android games and playing back 1080p video. The chiclet-style, non-backlit keyboard has a slick touch, with very little keyboard flex. It comes in handy on certain occasions like taking notes at school or when drawing. Chromebooks may look simple on the outside but there are models that are packed with amazing features and breathtakingly premium build quality. This particular Lenovo model is what we’re talking about. All in all, the 314 is a great basic need to have a solid device for your everyday needs. Acer’s trusty device has a Haswell-based Intel Celeron 2955U processor, 4GB of memory, and integrated Intel HD Graphics to thank for its speed performance.
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