If you don't want to put it into recipes, try it in tablet form. Hello… I was looking at the nutritional values of the cookies and you posted the calorie count as 4630, is that for the whole batch? There is a link in the post. The Supplements I took daily and the cookies and tea I would have every so often when I was really low. Trust me you aren't alone. At most, I pump between .5-1 ounces at a time after I feed and 2-3 ounces in the middle of the night while he is sleeping. Thanks. Here are some great do's and don't to help you boost your milk supply. I recommend the Gaia herb supplements because I found the best results with them. For each of my babies I have had to work hard to keep my milk supply up. Check oven temperature accuracy, bake a few minutes more, or increase temperature by 25 degrees. I made these from my regular Chocolate Chip recipe but with the main milk boosting ingredients. A variety of prescription medications and natural products have been used as galactogogues—medications that induce lactation. I’m not ready to quit but this is the last of things to try. If you can’t stand the taste of the powder, which I cannot (this is why I baked it into cookies) then this is a great alternative. Good luck, I hope it helps. If you use 4 Tbsp it will be more bitter. Lastly, add your chocolate chips. I wouldn’t replace 1:1, I would simply sprinkle them in with the chocolate chips so that you don’t have too much in it. Your email address will not be published. // Dry Hair Balm, What Goes Good With Jelly On A Sandwich, Gopro Mic Adapter Olx, Cheese And Cucumber Wrap, Essays About Frogs,