Location: District of Columbia Campaign: Early’s Raid and Operations against the B&O Railroad (1864); 1864 Shenandoah Valley Campaigns Date(s): July 11-12, 1864 Principal Commanders: Maj. Gen. Horatio G. Wright and Maj. Gen. Alexander McD. Casualties at the Battle of Fort Washington: The British side suffered 450 casualties of which 320 were Hessians. The Fort Washington area was settled by many German immigrants. Margaret Corbin at the Battle of Fort Washington on 17th November 1776 in the American Revolutionary War. Divisions of the American Battlefield Trust: The American Battlefield Trust is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The population was 5,446 at the 2010 census. An American woman, Margaret Corbin, a nurse, accompanied her husband John Corbin when he took his position as a gunner, facing the attack by the Hessians of General von Knyphausen at Kingsbridge. The British batteries positioned on the far side of the Harlem River and the frigate Pearl began a bombardment of the American positions. Visit our dedicated Podcast page or visit Podbean below. Show your pride in battlefield preservation by shopping in our store. Following the British-Hessian victory, the fort would be renamed Fort Knyphausen. Laying out defenses for the city in conjunction with Brigadier General Nathanael Greene and Colonel Henry Knox, he selected a site on the … British Regiments at the Battle of Fort Washington:  Just one in a string of defeats, the battle ended in a resounding British victory with the fort surrendering 3,000 Continental troops and Washington abandoning his defense of New York City. Anecdotes from the Battle of Fort Washington: References for the Battle of Fort Washington: History of the British Army by Sir John Fortescue, The War of the Revolution by Christopher Ward, The American Revolution by Brendan Morrissey. Brandywine - September 11, 1777 (June 2020) Battle map of the Battle of Brandywine On the morning of September 11, 1777, Gen. George Washington posted 14,000 troops of the Continental Army along the banks of Brandywine Creek, less than 25 miles southwest of Philadelphia. Battle of the Monongahela, (July 9, 1755), in the last French and Indian War, thorough defeat of General Edward Braddock’s British army by a smaller force of French and Indians of several tribes led by Captain Daniel de Beaujeu and, after his death, by Captain Jean Dumas. Once the Americans were pushed back into Fort Washington, they were forced to surrender. BATTLE MAP | American Battlefield Trust’s map of the Battle of Fort Stevens, Washington, D.C. on July 11-12, 1864 Washington's Civil War Defenses and the Battle of Fort Stevens Learn more about the Civil War defenses of Washington, D.C. and the Battle of Fort Stevens – the site of a critical battle during Confederate Lt. Gen. Jubal Early's 1864 attempt to capture the city. General Howe planned three attacks. After his victory at Monocacy on July 9, 1864, Confederate Maj. Gen. Jubal A. Colonel Shee’s 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment, Colonel Magaw’s 5th Pennsylvania Regiment, Colonel Moses Rawling’s Maryland and Virginia Riflemen and Colonel Baxter’s Bucks County Militia, Pennsylvania. If you are too busy to read the site, why not download a podcast of an individual battle and listen on the move! This map shows the Battle of Long Island and other campaign actions including the Battle of Kip's Bay, The Battle of Harlem Heights, The Battle of Fort Washington, and the capture of Fort Lee. Battle of Fort Stevens. Map of the Battle of Fort Washington To the north of the fort, the Hessian right, commanded by Col. Johann Rall, moved up the steep hillside south of Spuyten Duyvil Creek against almost no American resistance.The Hessians began to bring up their artillery. The Majority of our funds go directly to Preservation and Education. On the day of the battle of White Plains in 1776, General Knyphausen, with six German regiments, crossed the Harlem River and encamped on the flat below Fort Washington and King's Bridge (See Enlarged Map of Fort Washington Battle). According to the Washington State Office of Financial Management, Battle Ground ranked 4th of 279 eligible incorporated communities in population growth between 2000 and 2005. Size of the armies at the Battle of Fort Washington: 8,000 British and German troops attacked some 2,900 American troops. Battle of Fort Washington and Fort Lee. Composite battalions of grenadiers, light infantry and Foot Guards (1st, 2nd and 3rd Guards) Giving Tuesday Match! General Nathan Greene commanded the American positions with a discretion to withdraw if he considered it necessary. Winner of the Battle of Fort Washington: The British and Germans. fort-washington-map.jpg Historic map of the Battle of Fort Washington Fought on November 16, 1776 on Manhattan, the Battle of Fort Washington underscored General Washington… Landing on the East Side: Battle of Fort Washington on 17th November 1776 in the American Revolutionary War. At noon Brigadier Matthews landed on Manhattan and began his assault. Colonel Baxter was killed and his Pennsylvania militia fled into the fort. On November 20, Howe ordered Cornwallis to capture Fort Lee. Knyphausen crossed onto Manhattan at Kingsbridge and at 10am began his move south. Percy attacked Cadwallader in the South and the 42nd landed on the east side and pushed inland behind Cadwallader’s position, forcing the Americans to fall back to the fort. Account of the Battle of Fort Washington: In November 1776, the last position the Americans held on Manhattan Island was the area around Fort Washington on the northern tip, known as Harlem Heights. Federal Identification Number (EIN): 54-1426643. The German infantry wore blue coats and retained the Prussian style grenadier mitre cap with brass front plate. While General George Washington was in overall command of the American army contesting the invasion of New York Colony by the British, General Nathan Greene commanded the American troops in Fort Lee and Fort Washington. Having defeated the British at the Siege of Boston in March 1776, General George Washington moved his army south to New York City. After winning a major victory on Long Island in August, British General William Howe began to … Greene exercised his command from Fort Lee, on the opposite side of the Hudson River from Fort Washington, with Colonel McGaw in command of the troops around Fort Washington. Fort Washington's works, built the previous July, covered a hill 230 feet high (modern West 184th Street) and a mile long. Help save a crucial 22-acre tract on the battlefield where 14 African American soldiers earned the highest military honor in the land. The Battle of Fort Washington was a battle fought in New York on November 16, 1776 during the American Revolutionary War between the United States and Great Britain. Every purchase supports the mission. The large British army under the command of General William Howe drove the Continental Army from this region and down through New Jersey. In 1855 many of the soldiers at nearby Fort Vancouver were away fighting an uprising by the Yakima Indian tribe. Major Murray and Black Watch Highlanders at the Battle of Fort Washington on 17th November 1776 in the American Revolutionary War. Battle map of the Battle of Brandywine. Fought on November 16, 1776 on the island of Manhattan, the Battle of Fort Washington was the final devastating chapter in General Washington’s disastrous New York Campaign. The main attack was to be on Rawlings’ position by Hessian troops commanded by General von Knyphausen. In the course of the assault, later known as the Battle of Fort Washington, Howe's forces captured 2,838 American prisoners and secured a large store of supplies. Generals at the Battle of Fort Washington: Lieutenant–General William Howe commanded the British army. After the battle, Margaret was exchanged as a wounded combatant, continued to serve in the American Continental Army and was granted a pension after the war.
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