Your hair still FEELS like hair, it's very touchable. See 78 member reviews and photos. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. I read all the reviews stating there is residue on the dark drown spray and went ahead and bought the original pray instead. I had found one other that I loved, my hair felt great, looked reat, and it lasted all day -- However the whole day I left white fingerprints all over everything. The best part is, I can use it several days in a row (3 to 4 with no problems) and it works great day after day with no washing in between. Another positive I like, is that the dark brown spray literally covers grays. I love the Batiste fragrances and product but EVERY SINGLE bottle gets wasted and tossed because, after two uses, only aerosol comes out and not the product. Reviewed in the United States on September 11, 2015 Size: 1 Count Verified Purchase Batiste is hands down the BEST dry shampoo I have come across. Great product. See 861 member reviews and photos. Reviewed in the United States on October 19, 2018, Nice smell. Reviewed in the United States on April 30, 2017. I'll use it if I don't have time to wash my hair but I'll never use this instead of showering. I dont' know what I should say about this dry shampoo. I have bangs, fine hair, and oily skin--an unfortunate trifecta which often culminates in my end-of-day appearance being a stereotypical cross between "unwashed hippie" and "prison inmate with the DTs". I have long hair and from about my ears down my hair is dry. I don't have to rinse and repeat, I don't have buildup left behind, It just washes out like nothing, not effecting the lather of my shampoo at all. If you're like me you've tried every dry shampoo on the market, from bed head to aquage to drug store brands like Tresseme and this is by far the best. It does all of the things you would want, your hair looks as if you've washed it that morning. Black pants anyone? The original does leave a slight whitish residue which is to be expected with most dry shampoos, love the smell and the oil absorbency. I hoped this one would work better in both regards. 4,482 global ratings | 701 global reviews. If I hold it further I don’t get any product. Leaves me hair soft and silky and not sticky like other brands. I love it. After using batiste dry shampoo for years I think I’m gonna ditch em. I did enjoy how well it took out oils. Reviewed in the United States on September 11, 2015. Size: 6.73 Fl Oz (Pack of 3) Verified Purchase. May 6th 2018, 3:05 am. The "tropical" scent is pretty much coconut, which let's be honest here, is maybe the best scent ever. Reviewed in the United States on March 29, 2016. Yes, this dry shampoo will give you more volume. (I also have no problems using a flat iron after I've worked it into my hair). I have light brown hair that I dye dark brown occasionally. I always seem to get a lot of build up and an itchy scalp when I use them, as well as turning my roots gray. Ironically, literally a week later, I had our airbnb guest leave behind the dark brown spray which I was thrilled to try. I've been trying to grow my hair out for the past several months, meaning that I've also been trying to wash it as infrequently as possible to prevent breakage. Works as advertised. If you apply at night before bed, your hair looks pretty fresh in the morning. And yes I do hold the can the recommended distance away from my head. First day oil just spritz my roots in top part and 2nd and 3rd day I have to part hair in sections and get all of my roots. I'm 36 and starting to see some individual grey hairs appear :( which is why I'm doing the platinum highlights. then right before I get dressed I run a brush through my hair. The medium&, Reviewed in the United States on December 16, 2018. Then after some more time passes I rub it into my scalp with my fingers again. I've been hunting for the perfect dry shampoo for a very long time now. Reviewed in the United States on January 3, 2017, I've heard a lot of hype about this brand of dry shampoo, and was excited to try it out. Cult favorite, but I think we can do better. If you're the kind of person that needs a dry shampoo but hates smelling like a perfume factory afterwards, this might be the one for you! I have dark auburn hair and you can't see any residue in my hair at all. If you don't agree, we can't be friends. However the scent wasn’t my favorite and did leave a hint of white at my roots as my hair color is red.
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